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Civanich wins by 6 shots

Mark Civanich [Valparaiso, Ind. / Valparaiso] of the Trine University men's golf team won the Lake Porter Am for the first time, firing 71-69  (-4) over the two-day event.

Mark was named a 2021-22 Srixon/Cleveland Golf All-America Scholar for NCAA Division III, as announced by the Golf Coaches Association of America (GCAA). Civanich is one of 140 NCAA DIII men's golfers to earn All-America Scholar status. His season was highlighted by an appearance on the First Team All-Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA) and was an individual medalist on day two of the MIAA Championships with a 3-under 69. He was the lowest-scoring member of the Thunder team in six events in the 2021-22 season

We congratulate Mark and wish him great success with his academic pursuits at Trine and his golf. 

Photo: Mark Civanich and his caddie, Hannah Sands.


Congrats to all winners and top finishers who have a gift certificate at J&M Golf in your name. They can be picked up from Tony Lane or Kyle Snyder at J&M Golf in St. John on Wednesday, August 1o or after. Thanks for your patience as I figured out payouts. – Bill Falloon, Tournament Director


1. Mark Civanich $500.00

2. Alex Bishop $260.00

2. Brian Racetta $260.00

4. Ryan Wells $100.00

 4. Tommy Philpot $100.00

6. Andrew Karr $50.00

6. Finn Kiger $50.00

8. Peter Radler $30.00


1. Damon Jensen $200.00

2. Bryan Kasper $120.00

3. Bill Zientara Jr. $80.00


1. Tony Holquin Jr. $200.00

2. Doug Schnick $120.00

3. Frank Katsinis $80.00


1. Grady Kring $200.00

2. Angelo Vitiritti $120.00

3. Joe Mazur $80.00

4. Evan Sylvester $50.00


1. Peyton Silver $50.00

2022 Lake Porter Amateur Results 

Congratulations to the 2022 Lake Porter Champions

Mark Civanich, Amateur Champion

Damon Jensen, Senior Champion

Tony Holguin, Super Senior Champion

Grady Kring, Mid-Handicap Champion

Peyton Silver, Junior Amateur Champion

Final Results 

Palmira Golf Club, St. John, Aug 6-7


Mark Civanich 71-69-140

Alex Bishop 73-73-146

Brian Racette 75-71-146

Ryan Wells 75-72-147

Tommy Philpot 73-74-147

Andrew Karr 76-74-150

Finn Kiger 73-77-150

Peter Radler 76-76-152

Dan Porcaro 76-77-153

Bill Smitka 75-80-155

Mark Barenie 78-77-155

Matt Mudd 81-77-158

Drake Devereux 75-84-159

Cody Donovan 77-83-160

Mike Barenie 79-82-161

Eric Skertich 83-83-166

Drew Grennes 83-84-167

Danno Lambert 85-84-169

Tony Rubino 82-87-169

Sam Beishuizen 89-84-173

Tyler Copak 89-84-173

Kyle DeYoung 93-90-183

Marty Hynes 75-WD

Nick Stasil 76-WD

Joe Skrubatenas 76-WD

Andrew Vanderwoude 77-WD

Rhett Barker 77-WD

Vince Barker 79-WD

Matt Dwyer 79-WD

Phillip Frech 79-WD

Jose Collazo 80-WD

Todd Gehring-Gervase 82-WD

Jason Vincent 82-WD

Steve Smead 83-WD

Bryan Brown 83-WD

Elijah Royal 93-WD

Paul Shane 101-WD

Kyle Grennes-WD


Damon Jensen 71-76-147

Bryan Kasper 76-75-151

Bill Zientara Jr. 75-77-152

Barry Thomas 76-79-155

Kirk Smith 78-77-155

Ted Vrehas 76-81-157

Steve Dahlkamp 81-78-159

Chuck Shoemake 82-84-166

Dan Darlson 80-90-170

Bill Falloon 91-79-170

John Marthakis 82-WD

Kenny Zientara 82-WD

Kevin McDonald 85-WD

Rich Nicpon 88-WD

Dave Schubert 92-WD


Tony Holguin 76-75-151

Doug Schnick 78-77-155

Frank Katsinis 74-83-157

Al Lockwood 80-82-162

Paul Mandich 82-81-163

Chuck Crawford 81-84-165

Mark Palus 85-80-165

Chuck Wimmer 83-84-167

Bob Hart 82-85-167

Thomas Gyure 87-82-169

Pete Barenie 78-92-170

Joseph Newton 85-87-172

Richard Gamboa 90-87-177

Garry Ruvoli Sr. 90-93-183

Lee Tornicase 92-91-183

Peter Sojka 99-91-190

Jeff Christofannelli 93-97-190

Aldo Buffone 80-WD

Jim Kintz WD


Grady Kring 80-83-163

Angelo Vitiritti 77-88-165

Joe Mazur 86-80-166

Evan Sylvester 78-91-169

Bob “Toes” Middleton 95-85-180

Phil Schoonover 93-95-188

Butch Berry 94-95-189

George Petrov 97-88-195

Noah Kemp 104-93-197

Rob Castanares 83-NS

George Kounelis 84-NS

Jack Cundiff 88-WD

Chris Dimopoulos 89-NS

Frank Rivas 90-NS

Scott Kinkade 90-WD

Dan Falloon 90-WD

Nate Eagan 92-WD

Michael Lampkin 93-WD

Gary Ruvoli Jr. 96-WD

Ben Becher 97-WD

Sam Shields 102-WD

Jonathan Rambotis WD

John Totos WD


Peyton Silver 92

Jay Jilek 121

August 7 (2nd Day) Tee Times

Super Seniors (SS Flight)

7:00  Rich Gamboa 90. Garry Ruvoli Sr. 90. Lee Tornicasa 92. Jeff Chirstofanelli 93.

7:12  Mark Palus 85, Joseph Newton 85, Thomas Gyure 87

7:24 Chuck Crawford 81, Paul Mandich 82, Bob Hart 82, Chuck Wimmer 83

7:36 Pete Barenie 78, Al Lockwood 80, Aldo Buffone 80

7:48 Frank Katsinis 74, Tony Holguin 76, Doug Snick 78.

Mid-Handicap (A Flight & Juniors)

8:00 Gary Ruvoli Jr. 96, George Petrov 97, Noah Kemp 104, Jay Jilek 121 

8:12 Michael Lampkin 93, Paul Schonover 93, Butch Berry 94, Bob “Toes” Middleton 95

8:24 Eli Bunch 90, Scott Kinkade 90, Nathan Eagan 92, Peyton Silver 92

8:36 George Kounelis 84, Joe Mazur 86, Chris Dimoopoulos 89, Frank Rivas 90

8:48 Angelo Vitiritti 77, Evan Sylvester 78, Grady Kring 80, Rob Castanares 83


9:00 Rich Nipcon 88 Andy Sojka 90, Dave Schubert 92, Peter Sojka 99 SS 

9:12 John Marthakis 82 Chuck Shoemake 82, Keinny Zientara 82, Kevin McDonald 85 

9:24 Brian Kasper 76, Kirk Smith 78, Dan Darlson 80, Steve Dahlkamp 81, 

9:36 Damon Jensen 71, Bill Zientara Jr. 75, Barry Thomas 76, Ted Vrehas 76


9:48 Elijah Royal 93, Kyle DeYoung 93, Paul Shane 101

10:00 Eric Skertich 83, Danno Lambert 85, Tyler Copak 89, Sam Beiishuuizen 89

10:12 Drew Grennes 83, Bryan Brown 83, Steven Smead 83, Connor Proudman 83

10:24 Chris Kostouros 81, Matt Mudd 81, Todd Gehring-Gervase 82, Tony Rubino 82

10:36 Mike Barenie 79, Phillip Frech 79, Vince Barker 79, jose Collazo 80,

10:48 Rhett Barker 77, Mark Barenie 78, Jason Vincent 78, Matt Dwyer 79,

11:00 Nick Stasil 76, Andrew Karr 76, Andrew Vanderwoude 77, Cody Donovan 77

11:12 Bill Smitka 75, Don Pocaro 76, Peter Radler 76, Joe Skrabutenas 76

11:24 Drake Devereux 75, Marty Hynes 75, Ryan Wells 75, Brian Racette 75,

11;36 Mark Civanich 71, Finn Kiger 73, Tommy Philpot 73, Alex Bishop 73


Welcome to the 2022 Lake Porter Am: Orange Flags and Orange Ribbons

Dear Lake Porter Am Competitors:

I would like to welcome you to the 91st edition of the Lake Porter Amateur.

For those who are new to tournament golf, we will be playing the ball down, everywhere, and the one-ball rule will NOT be in effect. That will allow you to play whatever ball you have in your bag, even if it is not the same brand. Here is a quick review of USGA tournament rules, to be helpful to you.

This year's tournament flags will be orange, and I will share an orange ribbon to pin to your cap or shirt or golf bag or significant other--just so we stay mindful about our golfing buddies, their families and friends, and those who need us to boost their spirits and be a community force for good. 

So many golfers this year have mentioned how much they miss Bill Springer Sr. The Lake Porter is still here, Bill, and so are our fondest memories of you.

Challenge accepted. Play well!

Tee Times for Saturday, August 6 (First Round)

Game 1/ 6:24 Nathan Eagan (A) George Petrov (A) Evan Sylvester (A) Kevin McDonald (S)

Game 2/ 6:36 Bill Smitka (C) Dan Porcaro (C) Tommy Philpot (C) Phillip Frech (C)

Game 3/ 6:48 Rhett Barker (C) Tyler Copak (C) Steven Smead (C)

Game 4/ 7:00 Vince Barker (C) Nick Stasil (C) Tony Rubino (C) Peter Radler (C)

Game 5/ 7:12 Joe Skrabutenas (C) Bill Zientara Jr. (S) Kenny Zientara (S) Rich Nipcon (S)

Game 6/ 7:24 Alex Bishop (C) Drake Devereux (C) Derek Smenyak (C) Matt Mudd (C)

Game 7/ 7:36 Kyle Grennes (C) Cody Donovan (C) Chris Kostouros (C) Chris Dimopoulos (A)

Game 8/ 7:48 ) Andrew Karr (C) Mark Civanich (C)  Mike Barenie (C), OPEN

Game 9/ 8:00 Jose Collazo (C) Drew Grennes (C) Bryan Brown (C) Kyle DeYoung (C)

Game 10/ 8:12 Marty Hynes (C) Ryan Wells (C) Finn Kiger (C) Mark Barenie (C)

Game 11/ 8:24 Steve Dahlkamp (S) Kirk Smith (S) Bill Falloon (S) Daniel Darlson (S)

Game 12/ 8:36 Barry Thomas (S) Bryan Kasper (S) Chuck Shoemake (S) John Marthakis (S)

Game 13/ 9:00 Ted Vrehas (S) Dale Jalovecky (S) Damon Jensen (S) Dave Schubert (S)

Game 14/ 9:12 Angelo Vitiritti (A) Jonathan Rombotis (A) Garry Ruvoli Jr. (A) Noah Kemp (A)

Game 15/ 9:24 Peyton Silver (J-A) Jay Jilek (J-A) Eli Bunch (A), OPEN

Game 16// 9:36 Paul Shane (C) Nicholas Tebel (C) Andrew VanderWoude (C) Justin Goodman (C)

Game 17/ 9:48 Sam Beishuizen (C) Nolan Culp (C) Todd Gehring-Gervase (C) Will Ireland (C)

Game 18/ 10:00 Danno Lambert (C) Nick Lewis (C) Glen Perinar (C) Eric Skertich (C)

Game 19/10:12 Connor Proudman (C) Brian Racette (C) Elijah Royal (C) Jason Vincent (C)

Game 20/10:24 Garry Ruvoli Sr. (SS) Jeff Christofanelli (SS) Lee Tornicasa (SS) Richard Gamboa (SS)

Game 21/10:36 Aldo Buffone (SS) Pete Barenie (SS) Tony Holguin (SS) Bob Hart (SS)

Game 22/10:48 Chuck Wimmer (SS)) Mark Palus (SS) ) Paul Mandich (SS)

Game 23/11:00 Chuck Crawford (SS) Frank Katsinis (SS) Doug Schnick (SS) 

Game 24/11:12 Joseph Newton (SS) Al Lockwood (SS) Thomas Gyure (SS) Jim Kintz (SS

Game 25:/11:24 Butch Berry (A) John Totos (A) Bob "Toes" Middleton (A) Frank Rivas (A)

Game 26/11:36  George Kounelis (A) ) Phil Schoonover (A) Grady Kring (A) OPEN (A)

Game 27/11:48 Daniel Bush (A) Scott Kinkade (A) Joe Mazur (A) Matt Dwyer (C)

Game 28/12;00 Andy Sojka (S) Peter Sojka (SS) Rob Castanares (A) Michael Lampkin (A)

Game:29/ 3:40 Ben Becher (A) Sam Shields (A) Jack Cundiff (A) Daniel Falloon (A) 

Last Chance to Sign Up! 

Tee Times Will Be Posted Monday, Aug. 1, by 8:00 a.m.

Welcome again to Northwest Indiana's oldest tournament, the 91st Lake Porter Amateur. Please use the Sign Up Form tab above to register online. After registering, payment can be made by credit card with the Palmira pro shop, cash/check dropped off at the course, or mailed to Bill Falloon, Tournament Director, 9536 Marigold Lane, Munster, IN 46321, payable to Bill Falloon/Lake Porter Tournament. Thank you for playing! Look forward to seeing everyone at the tournament.


August 6-7, 2022

Palmira Golf Course

12111 W. 109th Street, St. John, IN 46373

The tee times have been set 12 minutes apart to facilitate smooth play during the tournament. The goal: 18 hole rounds taking approximately 4 hours, 30 minutes. Please show up 30 minutes before your tee time to check in with Pro Shop, and report in 5-10 minutes early to the starter on No. 1 hole. Good luck to everyone!

Entry Fee

$100--Entrant under 60 years old

$80--Entrant 60 years old and over

5 Flights

Championship (below 9 handicap)

Mid-Handicap (9 handicap and above, with proof of verified handicap submitted to the tournament director)

Senior (50 years old and over)

Super Senior (60 years and over)


Junior (17 years and younger)


36 holes of stroke play. Low two-day total score will determine Tournament Champions

L-P first day Medalist Awards, J&M Golf Gift Certificates to Top Finishers

lP Registrations as of July 31, 2022

Mark Barenie (C) not pd

Mike Barenie (C) not pd

Pete Barenie (SS) not pd

Rhett Barker (C) not pd

Vince Barker (C) not pd

Ben Becher (A) not pd

Sam Beishuizen (C) pd

Butch Berry (A) pd-td

Alex Bishop (C) not pd

Bryan Brown (C) pd-td

Aldo Buffone (SS) pd-course

Eli Bunch (A) not pd

Daniel Bush (A) not pd

Rob Castanares (A) pd-td

Jeff Christofannelli (SS) pd-td

Phill Cipriani (C) (J) pd-td (wd-requested refund)

Mark Civanich (C) not pd

Jose Collazo (C) not pd

Tyler Copak (C) pd-course

Chuck Crawford (SS) not pd

Nolan Culp (C) not pd

Jack Cundiff (A) not pd

Steve Dahlkamp (S) not pd

Daniel Darlson (S) not pd

Drake Devereux (C) not pd

Kyle DeYoung (C) not pd

Chris Dimopoulos (A) not pd

Cody Donovan (C) not pd

Matt Dwyer (C) mailed to td

Nathan Eagan (A) not pd

Bill Falloon (S) pd

Daniel Falloon (A) not pd

Philip Frech (C) not pd

Richard Gamboa (SS) not pd 

Todd Gehring-Gervase (C) pd-c

Justin Goodman (C) not pd

Ronnie Gray (A) not pd wd-8/3

Drew Grennes (C) not pd

Kyle Grennes (C) not pd

Thomas Gyure (SS) pd

Bob Hart (SS) not pd

Tony Holguin (SS) pd

Marty Hynes (C) not pd

Will Ireland (C) not pd

Dale Jalovecky (S) not pd

Damon Jensen (S) not pd

Jay Jilek (J-A) pd

Andrew Karr (C) not pd

Bryan Kasper (S) not pd

Frank Katsinis (SS) not pd

Noah Kemp (A) not pd

Finn Kiger (C) not pd

Scott Kinkade (A) pd-td

Jim Kintz (SS) pd-td

Chris Kostouros (C) not pd

George Kounelis (A) not pd

Grady Kring (A) pd-course

Danno Lambert (C) not pd

Michael Lampkin (A) not pd

Nick Lewis (C) not pd

Al Lockwood (SS) not pd

Paul Mandich (SS) not pd

John Marthakis (S) not pd

Joe Mazur (A) not pd

Kevin McDonald (S) not pd

Bob "Toes" Middleton (A)  not pd

Matt Mudd (C) not pd

Joseph Newton (SS) pd

Rich Nipcon (S) not pd

Daniel Oberwise (A-J) not pd

Mark Palus (SS) not pd

Glen Perinar (C) not pd

George Petrov (A) not pd

Tommy Philpot (C) not pd

Dan Porcaro (C) pd-course

Connor Proudman (C) not pd

Brian Racette (C) not  pd

Peter Radler (C) not pd

Frank Rivas (A) not pd

Jonathan  Rombotis (A) not pd

Elijah Royal (C) pd-course

Tony Rubino (C) not pd

Garry Ruvoli Sr. (SS) pd-td

Garry Ruvoli Jr. (A) pd-td

Paul Shane (C) not pd

Doug Schnick (SS) pd

Phil Schoonover (A) not pd

Dave Schubert (S) not pd 

Sam Shields (A) not pd

Chuck Shoemake (S) pd-td

Peyton Silver (J) not pd

Eric Skertich (C) pd-course

Joe Skrabutenas (C) not pd

Steven Smead (C) not pd

Derek Smenyak (C) not pd

Bill Smitka (C) not pd

Kirk Smith (S) not pd

Andy Sojka (S) not pd

Peter Sojka (SS) not pd

Nick Stasil (C) not pd

Evan Sylvester (A) not pd

Nicholas Tebel (C) not pd

Barry Thomas (S) pd-td

Lee Tornicasa (SS) 

John Totos (A) not pd

Andrew VanderWoude (C) not pd

Jason Vincent (C) pd-td

Angelo Vitiritti (A) pd-td

Ted Vrehas (S) not pd

Ryan Wells (C) not pd

Chuck Wimmer (SS) pd-course

Bill Zientara Jr. (S) not pd

Kenny Zientara (S) not pd


2021 Lake Porter Final Results

Lake Porter Amateur

Palmira Golf Course (St. John, IN)

July 31-Aug 1, 2021


Ryan Wells 72-77-149 * Won 4 hole playoff in sudden death

Marty Hynes 75-74-149

Finn Kiger 71-78-149

Andrew Karr 72-79-151

Mark Civanich 76-78-154

John Selman 72-82-154

Cody Donovan 79-76-155

AJ Agnew 78-78-156

Luke Bohm 79-79-158

Nolan Potter 78-81-159

Tony Daniels 77-82-159

Vince Barker 82-78-160

Tommy Philpot 78-83-161

Bill Smitka 80-84-164

Kyle DeYoung 83-83-166

Tony Rubino 83-84-167

Brian Brzyski 82-85-167

Joe Skrabutenas 85-85-170

Rudy Jaksich 85-87-172

Eric Skertich 91-85-176

Steven Smead 85-WD

Rhett Bark 86-WD

TJ Matlon 86-WD


Bryan Kasper76-74-150

Barry Thomas 77-75-152

Greg Seelinger 77-76-152

Bill Zientara 78-75-153

Bill Falloon 77-78-155

Damon Jensen 76-79-155

Mark Barenie 75-81-156

Jim Bauner 83-82-165

Victor Perez Ramirez 79-82-161

Ken Zientara 80-87-167

Tim Axarides 90-86-176

Johnny Marthakis 85-91-176

Andy Sojka 88-90-178

Rick Nicpon 90-90-180

David Burnett 97-97-194

Hyokyung Lee 100-105-205

Kirk Minnow Smith 77-WD

Chuck Shoemake 82-WD

Dave Schubert 92-WD

Super Seniors

Tony Holquin Jr. 74-73-147

Rick Grassel 79-75-154

Jeff Bles 76-82-158

Aldo Buffone 79-83-162

Peter Barenie 81-83-164

Frank Katsinis 80-79-159

Bern Prisby Jr. 79-82-161

Tony Fallucca 82-82-163

Al Lockwood 78-88-166

Jim Zartman 86-81-167

Bob Hart 80-88-168

Chuck Wimmer 87-84-171

John Lowenstine 88-86-174

Garry Ruvoli Jr. 91-90-181

Mike Mayer 96-95-191

Frank Fallucca 92-99-191

Gene Sarkey 98-98-196

Peter Sojka 108-105-213

Dan Kelly 78-WD

Mid Handicap

Kyle Grennes 76-79-155

Patrick Hynes 75-84-159

George Kounelis 83-76-159

Joe Mazur 77-85-162

Evan Sylvester 81-84-165

Dan Darlson 87-80-176

Chris Dimopoulos 85-82-167

Angelo Vitiritti 82-89-171

Grady Kring 82-91-173

Robert Castanares 84-90-174

Bob Middleton 89-89-178

Sam Beishuizen 85-94-179

Rich Gamboa 90-90-180

Paul Scoonover 90-91-181

Drew Grennes 90-94-184

John Totos 85-100-185

Brian Trapp 92-92-185

Garry Ruvoli Jr. 95-94-189

Will Seelinger 106-91-197

Butch Berry 103-101-204


Denver Mosley 133-124-257

Ryan Wells, Lake Porter Amateur Champion

Bryan Kasper, Lake Porter Senior Champion

Finn Kiger, Ryan Wells, Marty Hynes played 3 hole playoff, with Ryan Wells winning on the 4th sudden death playoff hole. Congrats to all three for playing championship golf at a high level..

Lake Porter Women's Champion Denver Mosley (left) celebrates her win on the 18th hole with her close friend. Congrats Denver for being one of the few women over the years to enter the tournament. Keep enjoying the greatest game with your father and friends. Play on! 

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